Out of Touch

It seems I haven’t written here in awhile. It’s raining today in Dhaka and we’ve progressed to understand that the people of Dhaka are fighters. Most of the time that is a good thing. We now worry about not only our students in Madrassas being taught a slanted version of Islam, but also our Private English Medium students.  Each one of them is at risk of being a target for an extremist.  That is a scary thought. 
This week in Dhaka we’ve had two security incidents. One was a suicide bomber and the other may have been on the path to either that or something more sinister. All we know is he was carrying explosives. 
While I.S. is out there taking claim for every atrocious incident, the government and local law authorities says they have found no links between these terrorists and Islamic State. They may believe in the doctrine of I.S., but they are directly not linked to them. Does that make anyone feel better? 
This is the world today. It really doesn’t matter what country you’re in, there will be security incidents. 
Then we have the day-to-day issues caused by an unfit President, Donald Trump. I really don’t feel like writing about him. It depresses me. Every day he says or does something that is just unimaginable and that no President before him has done. Perhaps this goes along with the NEW WORLD ORDER. Who knows!  For me the biggest issue of all has been the intelligence revealed about the Russian links and alleged involvement in our election process. Even if it could not be proved when it came to light, it should have been enough to void the election. How could we even imagine a President coming to power with so many unanswered questions about how he got there? While unprecedented, a new vote should have been scheduled. Yes, unprecedented and historic vote that would show the world that we don’t accept corrupt politicians as a President in our White House. However, in view of everything this President has done that is unprecedented and each more atrocious than anything we’ve experienced in our history, a second look and vote was necessary.
In many ways there are parallels with between life and fiction, take a look at Netflix’s new show Designated Survivor and perhaps you’ll see what I mean. 

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