life is a journey

We’ve all heard it,”‘life is not about the destination it’s about the journey” and it’s so true. The fact is we are all heading to the same place, so why are we in such a rush?

I was born and grew up in Southwestern Connecticut in a small town called Cheshire. From there, I flew across the country to Los Angeles, California where I met my husband. After he graduated from university, he flew across the US to live with his Uncle in New York and I joined him. That’s where we got married and began our life together. In 2005, we moved our family to Bangladesh and we continue to live there.

In 2016, tragedy struck our expat community in Dhaka and until today we are still recovering from it. In many tangible ways our lives have been altered forever. We all will recover, but many of the NGO and Charitable businesses have struggled to find new ways to sell their products and, more importantly, support their communities. Some due to the loss of a kind benefactor who died that horrible day and others from the loss of revenue making events. The advent of winter was always a trove of public fairs by various organizations where these businesses could sell the handmade products that became treasured gifts both in Bangladesh and abroad. I keep wondering when the lovely fairs will return or if they ever will.

Anyway, we have one last year in the “teens” before we hit our twenties. Let us all pray that Bangladesh’s destitute homemakers in rural villages find new ways to continue to sell the great handmade items that they make.