Thursday, July 14, 2016

Help Holey Artisan

When most of us who live in Dhaka, Bangladesh think of Holey Artisan Bakery, we think of the peaceful Fridays spent on their lawn. We remember the employees who remembered us each time we visited and maybe even what our "regular' order was. Everything changed for each of us on July 1st, but most especially for the employees of Holey. Three of them died leaving family behind. Some were held hostage for hours and some have been left without jobs. Dhaka International Women's Association (formerly known at Dhaka Expat Club) wants to help those left behind - without jobs, without support or affected by this horrible incident. Holey is trying to recover and has begun a delivery only service for now. Some of the staff are still working and Holey is still paying their staff. However, this is a huge financial burden. This is why we have begun a GoFund Me for Holey. We need everyone to pitch in! Contact your friends, your College Alums, your Family and send them the link I've provided below. If you've wanted to do something for them, this is how. Let us all not only remember the 20 who left us that day, but those that survived. If you'd like to give locally in Dhaka instead, please email Thank you for your support.

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