Friday, June 17, 2016

Google+ Profile in Blogger

A couple of years ago, blogger began asking you to use your Google Plus profile a your About page on your blogger blog. In itself, not a bad thing. The unfortunate side affect is that it takes your reader away from your site.

Today I was trying to make some changes to my site and tried to due this via an iframe, but google has blocked this from what I’ve reader so you end up with a page with a title or a box on it. Why Google, why?

Now you’ve left me pondering removing my Google+ profile as my about page. There are other methods of including my profile via a gadget. Why force my reader to go back and forth. Personally I find it in convenient when I am on a site and am led off of it to view a link on the page.

I guess if you’re a newbie to Google+ and want to add followers the linking of your Profile as your About page works nicely. For now, I am off to learning, living and having fun. Have a great day. Click on the page for my new endeavor, Light Beats International. Contact us for your next Light and Beats inspired event.

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