Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

I thought I would write about a woman I admire today. When I began thinking of a woman I admire, I realized there are two very special ones. They are not famous to anyone, but our family. 

First on the list is my Mother, Roslynn Ann Verzier. She worked tirelessly to fulfill the needs of my sister, my grandmother and me, always. She was a strong and independent woman most of her life. Late in her life she struggled with cancer and defeated it once only to have it come back stronger the second time around. She vowed to fight it again, but the cancer  was stronger than her will and we lost her.

My Mother-in-law, Mrs. Durre Shawer who has been my rock for a very long time.  Widowed at a young age she raised her three sons on her own and has always been ready to guide and advise all her daughters-in-laws. Today, she's always ready for her next adventure in Dhaka and abroad. The whole family looks to her even today. 

Happy International Women's Day. I hope the women in your lives are as awesome!

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