Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donald Drumpf the American Dictator

For anyone who has been following the 2016 race towards the election, we all wonder how long the GOP will allow Donald to continue his brash policy ideas unabated. Whoopsie Goldberg at once declared she would leave the country if he's elected and then reversed her decision on the next episode saying she was not going to allow him to "piss all over her country" instead she would stick around and exercise her freedom of speech to torture him.
I'm may continue to do the same from my corner of the world here. Super Tuesday, may not have lead Bernie Sanders to a landslide, but overall he achieve most of the states he had hoped. So, in essence it was a win for him. Will it lead him to the DNC nomination? Only time will tell. So, far it has been an interesting campaign.
Like most I am reading loads of articles crying out for an end to the Trump campaign, calling out to the GOP to rebel against his brand of politics and suggested policies. We are all waiting expectingly for the Republican National Convention and the aftermath.
The discussion that took place on The View was lively and gave a lot of food for thought. It's only and 8 minute segment, so take a look.

Another great look at Donald the candidate is found on Last Week Tonight. Really worth watching.

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