Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Customer Service - Building and Maintaining Relationships

In Bangladesh, one of the areas that is hugely lacking is customer service.  This is due in part to the excessive regulations that exist in every industry.  For example,  if I open a mobile postpaid account with company xyz they will take a copy of my passport, a photo, thumb print and I must fill in their form. Now, if sometime in the future I need to open a second account, it seems as if that first account doesn't even exist and again I must provide all of the same identifying documents and the form. A third account,  yes again the same. It matters not whether you are dealing with the company directly or an affiliate office.  You are never,  ever asked if you have another account with them. It is stressful to say the least make sure you always have the prerequisites even if the company you are dealing with is one you already have an account with. 

Bank accounts are even worse.  Not only do you fill out numerous forms, provide identifying documents, but also must prove where the money you earn comes from and that you are legally able to work in the  country.  If youre not authorized to work, you can't open an account.  You can have a Visa to be in Bangladesh and,  still not be allowed to open a back account depending on your Visa.

I understand the latter, but the mobile accounts, internet service providers and others all make you feel your not valued as a customer.  Neither do the have any method of retrieving your account information nor can they link subsequent accounts together creating a customer's full history or respect long term relations through multiple accounts.  Everytime you're starting all over. 

How will these companies ever progress to family accounts if they can't even link multiple accounts under a single customer? What if I'm a bad customer who needs to use this one company? All I need to do is open a new account because they don't have a system to flag a customer in their system based on identity or documentation, name  or photo. 

This is a huge problem or it should be considered to be one. How can companies allow this to continue? How can they not value their good customers while allowing bad ones to hide in new accounts?

Just some food for thought.  Hope you're listening. 

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