Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coming Home–Repatriating to Bangladesh with Children

Many people originally from Bangladesh, leave to settle abroad – sometimes merely for the foreign passport, other times with the intention of settling down only to find jobs in their field are difficult to nearly impossible to get and they are struggling working odd jobs at supermarkets just to survive. Eventually, this life becomes too stressful, and they realize that their quality of life in Bangladesh was better than the life they are living in America and return back to their native home with small children. Their first hope is to admit their child or children in the American School, but find it is full or face other difficulties in achieving that goal. So, they admit them in another international school. Now, their children have to adjust not only to a new home environment, but also cope with stark changes to the curriculum they were used to in the U.S. They have to study more and school just isn’t fun anymore. This often leads to the child becoming frustrated and obviously their grades will reflect this. As a parent your heart just breaks seeing your child suffer so much just to pass his classes when he was doing well in all his subjects in the U.S.

304101_234657573249972_231684863547243_565994_1177875568_nAmerican Standard International School opened just in November to fill the gap. Education is such an important part of your child’s life and future, we sincerely want it to be a success! Our doors are always open, even if you just want to “check us out”. No pressure.

If your child is 2+ we offer Pre-School and at present offer up to Grade 5. Our classrooms are large and fully air conditioned. 546127_357825007599894_698395877_nWe have two play grounds, one for the smaller children and another for the older ones. Snacks and Lunch are provided from our kitchen, which prospective parents are welcome to visit.

Our teachers come from multi-cultural backgrounds and receive in-service training and counseling year round to ensure our students receive the best education possible. If your child is struggling, we will provide him special tutoring included in his regular school tuition (no extra cost) until he is able to succeed. Your child’s success is our success and the goal of all our teachers.

Summer is around the corner and we know our parents and children wonder how they will pass the summer. Our doors our open!  Stop by and check out what we have cooking for summer fun! 303471_357823137600081_231684863547243_857044_997031284_n


At American Standard International School you will find all that your child will need.



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