Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Judge a Book….

As I grew up my Grandmother would from time to time fill my ears with adages like, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “never look a gift horse in the mouth” or “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” and so on. Now before I continue on topic, let me take a step back to introduce myself. You may recognize me from around Dhaka, like the American Club, Dhaka American Women’s Club or the fun Dhaka Club Balls or Classical Music Evenings.

Now getting back to my topic, today when I repeat these adages that I heard from my grandmother to my children they look at me as if I have come from another planet. I should explain that I was born in Connecticut and my parents and grandparents are of English descent. So, although many of these adages are carry-overs from the “old world”, they still instill good common sense ideals.

In November 2011 a new American school opened its doors in Baridhara. We've now moved the campus to Gulshan-2 and if you drive by you might dismiss it due to its location, or think that is this just another English medium school and miss out on amazing opportunity for your child. So, before dismissing American Standard International School because of its location, come in for a visit.

American Standard International School arrived to fill a need in Dhaka. First, to assist already over-populated schools in Dhaka offering US, British and IB curricula. ASIS will provide a place for those students these schools do not have the resources to accept. Secondly, ASIS seeks to provide an additional resource for children in Dhaka to receive a genuine American education.

ASIS is supported by its partners in America – the Ohio Board of Education, the U.S. Department of Education, Franklin University, American Education Group, Chicago Training and Consultancy Services. And in Dhaka by Cambridge International Exams, Pearson, Dhaka International Schools Association (DISA) and is currently an IBO candidate school for DP.

In addition to practical education, American Standard International School focuses on creative skills. We believe in developing each child’s unique qualities into strengths that will help them achieve their future goals. Our top administrators, including the Principal, are American educated to assure parents that their children will learn according to the best researched, proven and innovative methods that are used in some of the best educational institutions in America.

We also believe in imparting world skills to all our students, like Presentation skills, debating skills, and others needed as the move on in life to university and job

Parents are encouraged to work with us in a joint effort. Children learn from all the adults around them, so Parents and Teachers working in unison are the best role models for children to develop into well-educated citizens.

To learn more about our school and its philosophy, visit our website at or drop by our campus in North Baridhara for a visit.

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