Saturday, May 12, 2012

An American Education in Bangladesh

Since 1972 when American International School Dhaka (AISD) opened its doors, Dhaka residents in Bangladesh have had an American education option for the children. Since then, Dhaka has grown and today AISD runs at its full capacity and maintains a waiting list of hopeful students until a spot becomes available for them. The same is true of International School Dhaka (ISD)  and Grace International School.

Last year  (2011) a new American school opened in North Baridhara. A real American school, with an American curriculum, American administrators and American teachers.

The people behind this initiative realized that due to all three of the leading international school are overflowing with students, there is a great potential for another American school to make an entrance.

The curriculum at American Standard International School is based on that of the State of Ohio and is backed by textbooks and workbooks from McGraw-Hill publishers. I am sure that name sounds familiar to anyone educated in the U.S or familiar with U.S. curriculum as a leader in educational publications.

The large and spacious campus in North Baridhara on Road 13 is complete with air conditioned classrooms, is fully secured with a CCTV monitoring system, has a two bed healthcare facility, Computer Lab, Music Room, Library, Rooftop Garden and petting zoo with small animals (like rabbits) and an outdoor rooftop playground.

American Standard International School (ASIS) seeks to create a fun learning environment that children will enjoy returning to day after day.

ASIS is a subsidiary of the American Education Council Ltd (AECL) and has partnered with American Education Group, Ohio Board of Education, US Department of Education, Franklin University, Chicago Training and Consultancy Services and AdvancEd in order to provide its students a fully comprehensive American education. Parents and , organizations, embassies and consulates are warmly welcomed when visiting the campus and a tour of the facilities including the classrooms and other amenities is gladly provided. Everyone who visits is welcome to review the curriculum and textbooks while there and enjoy a cup of tea.

To learn more about ASIS, please visit its website at or email the owner of this blog.

At American Standard International School
A REAL American School where learning is FUN!

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