Saturday, February 18, 2012

The day John F. Kennedy was Shot

One of the remarkable parts of being a part of the social internet are the choice memories shared by friends and mutual members of groups we are take part in. Recently, one of the members from the Facebook Group for people from my home town posted her recollection of the day JFK was shot. Of course this memory was more related to her principal at the time, but the memory was still very moving. So, here I offer her recollection of a very sad day in America's history, before Al Qaeda and international terror threats, there were other atrocities that we bore. 
Helen Burke Weber, "Most of all, I will never forget our school principal on the day JFK was shot on Nov. 22, 1963. He was generally a quiet man, so it was weird that all of a sudden he yelled, "Oh no -- Oh no!!". Then, "The President has been shot!" and in a flash he plugged in the ancient, huge school radio on the window ledge outside my 3rd-grade classroom, and he turned it up loud. He soon sent us all home that day, and I remember how all of the churches in Cheshire consequently opened and how everyone went to church. The principal took care of us all that day -- students, teachers, families. For some folks, it is probably hard to imagine but the nation was in a bucolic, post WW2, warm and fuzzy era.. until then. 
What's your special memory of that sad day in 1963?  Please comment to share.

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